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    • Problem with bbpress and wp security
      Hi, We are using BBpress for user registration and forums we will be activating in the near future on our website. We are also using the All In One WP Security Plugin, in here is a option to rename the login page, so directly going to should not work and should be*newadmin* However this did not work initially, we had to log in on the /*newadmin* but still had to go to /wp-admin to gain access to the dashboard. We disabled all other active plugins, and the problem was solved, after testing it showed that once BBpress plugin was disabled the feature worked as intended, loggin into /*newadmin* would get me instantly into the dashboard. I’ve also requested help on their end, but since 2 plugins are involved, Do you guys have any suggestions as to what might cause this & what might solve this issue? Any help or suggestions would be great. We just want to rename the admin part, so we are not bound to the wp-security option, just se
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    • 4 years, 2 months ago